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Every person on the ASD spectrum is unique.  Where one person has difficulty in a specific area another person needs training in the complete opposite area.  Still, most clients need assistance in the following areas. The first session with a trained ASD Life Coach will be assessment and getting to know each other.  Each subsequent session following, a plan of action will be created and carried out until the client's goals are achieved and eventually surpassed.  The goal is to teach each client enough skills to continue the process on their own with little to no assistance in the future. 

Real Life Skills

We spend the first 18 years of our lives mastering the school environment. For everyone but especially those on the spectrum, this is not adequate preparation for the real world. We seek to teach each client valuable real life skills necessary to function in the natural environment.

Social Skills

The majority of people learn social skills by observing others around them.  Many people on the ASD spectrum do not intuitively acquire these skills as easily as their neurotypical peers. ASD Life Coaches specifically teach social skills in a step-by-step manner similar to teaching a math problem to someone who struggles with math concepts. 

Communication Skills

It is very common for people on the spectrum to have a difficult time with back and forth reciprocal conversation.  It is one of the most complex skills to master. Communication is not monologuing but rather a back and forth exchange where active listening and active participation are equally important to achieve a successful interation. ASD Life Coaches excel at teaching this highly imperative skill.

Independent Living

It is not uncommon for many young adults to be living at home with their parents.  This percentage is even higher for those on the spectrum.  From obtaining a driver's license to taking care of personal space, hygiene, budgeting, planning for the future and much more.  ASD Coaches are here to help you achieve the independence you know you should have but are finding it difficult to make happen on your own.

College/Career Development

Whether it's planning for college and training for a very specific career or planning to get into the workforce and find your niche, our coaches are trained to help you discover appropriate educational and employment paths suited to your strengths and supportive of your weaknesses.  Your career should be rewarding and fulfilling as well as suitable for making a nice living for yourself.

Non-Verbal Communication

The biggest difficulty for those on the spectrum is understanding non-verbal communication.  Our coaches are trained to teach you how to make and properly engage in eye contact, facial expressions, reading and conveying effective body language and all of the nuances of communicating that go far beyond vocal language.  Verbal language on the other hand involves noises, gestures, emotions, cultural understanding and more. Let us teach you!

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