Meet Jaclyn Hunt, MA, ACAS Level 2, BCCS

Jaclyn Hunt is the owner of ASD Life Coaches LLC. Along with her team of coaches, they each strive to provide much needed life coaching services for adults on the autism spectrum across the country and beyond.  Learn more about our exceptionally talented team below.

Check out the Reid Miles podcast featuring Jaclyn Hunt.


Life Coaching Consultation Video

Our Coaches

Francesco Image.png
Francesco Paladino

Certified Cognitive Coach

Life Coach

Motivational Speaker

Check out the Reid Miles Podcast Featuring Francesco Paladino

Rosanne Mazzarelli

Certified Cognitive Coach


Over 20 years experience

Fluent in American Sign Language

Check out the Reid Miles podcast Featuring Rosanne Mazzarelli

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Gretchen McIntire

Certified Cognitive Coach

Poet, Author, Public Speaker who has ASD, Life Coach, columnist, Founder of BostonCalm.   Her goal is to promote compassion for those with Autism

Check out Gretchen's Ted Talk!

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Brenna Ballan

Speech Language Pathologist

Life Coach

Joseph Spreitzer

Certified Cognitive Coach

Special Education Teacher

Founder of ABLE Adults

Anne Sabagh

Certified Life & Executive Function Coach, on the autism spectrum; committed to helping neurodiverse individuals thrive by creating a life that works for them 

Check out Anne Sabagh on Reid Miles's Inside the Asperger's Studio Podcast!

Lauren Rosenblum.jpg
Lauren Rosenblum

Speech Language Pathologist

Certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities 

Founder of Virtuo Tutors LLC

Check out Lauren Rosenblum on Reid Mile's Podcast Inside the Asperger's Studio!

Jess Profile.jpg
Jessica Day


Life Coach

Certified Healthy Families Coach   Certified Circle of Security Facilitator

Trauma-informed practitioner

Akilah Peynado

Motivational Speaker, Podcast Host, Life Coach and owner of Slaytheclutter.  Check out Akilah on Reid Mile's Inside the Asperger's studio podcast!

christina headshot.jpg
Christina Gundel

Certified Cognitive Coach

Certified in Relationship Science

 Busy mother of four, one of which is neurodiverse, and CEO of local company.

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