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ASD Life Coaches was formed after the great need for coaching services for Adults on the Autism Spectrum was discovered.  We believe the future for those on the spectrum and with other diagnoses comes in the form of real life skills training in every aspect of social life from school to career to personal life and relationships.

Life Coaching because real life is much more than just academics!

ASD Life Coaches have realized that the school system prepares us very well academically but falls short socially. The majority of people learn how to be social by observing others. Many on the spectrum need to be specifically taught the social skills necessary to be successful in real world environments such as college, employment settings and in personal settings to develop more intimate relationships.  These skills can be specifically taught when broken down into logical step-by-step pieces and implemented appropriately. That's where ASD Life Coaches can help!

Every client of ASD Life Coaches deserves to live up to his or her greatest potential.  We strive to identify that potential and create plans of action to see that potential through. The client is an active participant in what will be accomplished and the coach will help guide him or her on the right path. The process is fun, engaging and productive. The main difference between Life Coaching and therapy is that coaching is focused more on skill building and specific goals versus the emotional focus of therapy.  While coaching can have emotional aspects we work mainly on skills and forming paths to success utilizing those skills.  Contact us for more information today!



Contact us today to schedule your first appointment and get on the path to success!

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