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We are a group of coaches specially trained to teach real life skills, social skills, communication skills, independent living and college/career development to adults on the Autism Spectrum. Each new client will be paired with a coach who understand's his or her unique individual needs.  The majority of our sessions are conducted over video conferencing software.  These types of sessions are highly effective!


The main objective of ASD Life Coaches is to help the ASD population not only function in society but to thrive by building upon each individual's strengths, improving on his or her weaknesses and helping each client set and achieve goals that will lead to overall contentment and success in life!

  • Real Life Skills

  • Social Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • ​Independent Living

  • ​College/Career Development

  • ​Non-Verbal Communication Skills

  • ​Breaking down large goals into smaller pieces

  • ​Reframing thought processes

  • ​Understanding the perspectives of others

  • ​Video Conferencing Sessions

  • Executive Functioning Skills

Life Coaching for Adults on the Autism Spectrum: Discovering your True Potential!

An affordable way to receive self help Life Coaching Services for ASD adults, parents and professionals!

Download it or buy the paperback version today!

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